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Why all the Smoak?

Why all the Smoak?
The 18th Century marked the first appearance of the “smoakhouse”. These buildings for smoaking and curing meats were popping up in American backyards at the first of the century. We chose to stick with the traditional (yet unconventional) spelling of “smoak” to pay respect to the cooking technique using wood to introduce the beautiful smoak falvor.

Our Smokers
Here at Loyal Q we are dedicated to serving you with the freshest ingredients possible. We have a true passion for creating a one-of-a-kind experience for each and every Guest we serve, and we do that with a little help from ours smoakers.

All our meats are smoaked in our beloved smoakers named Harry, Lloyd, Doug & Steve. These smoakers were handmade in Texas and use wood as the soul fuel source. No gas. We use Post Oak from Texas and Hickory wood from North Carolina.

Meet Chef Dan

Dan grew up in Suwanee, GA where his love for food was sparked in his high school nutrition and cooking class. He went on to obtain his A.S. in Culinary Arts and B.A. in Food Service Management at Johnson & Wales University.  After school, he worked in various Atlanta mainstays including Canoe, Muss & Turners and Local Three Kitchen & Bar.  In 2013, he packed up and moved to Chicago with a desire to expand his skills in the bustling and competitive culinary scene.  

Working at The Purple Pig, Davanti Enoteca, and helping open The Broken Shaker, Dan was still searching for his culinary calling. He then received the opportunity to be sous chef at Green Street Smoked Meats where he discovered his true passion for BBQ and smoked meats. After 13 years in the industry this was the direction he knew he was meant to take his career. He is excited to be back in his home state bringing his delicious smoking skills to Loyal Q.

Join The Crew

We are searching for restaurant leaders and staff with night and weekend availability who are ready for a high volume restaurant and bar. If you are looking for a career with a fast-paced, growth-oriented concept then we would love to talk with you!

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